Kids’ Parties (Age 6-12)

Unique and stylish projects will be so much fun for the birthday boy or girl to complete with their friends! – Sign Up for a workshop at the Wild Starr Creative Studio. Your child will be thrilled to celebrate at Wild Starr Creative Studio with one of our workshops and you will love that the mess won’t be in your home.

We provide everything you need including set up, the tools, materials, and instruction so that you can get create a custom piece. For products that require the finial process of epoxy resin you will be notified pick up your masterpiece(s) within 3 to 6 weeks. You may arrange for mailing of your piece(s) with the additional cost of postage.

Wild Starr Creations is here to help make your party a success, contact us for more information regarding availability, bringing in your own cake, snacks, drinks, and decorations.